Saturday, March 24, 2007

rushing waters

and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory.

Ez 43:2

Anoint our ears to hear You, our eyes to see You, our hearts to respond to You, in all circumstances.



rev maria said...

I'm rushing to get ready for a funeral and a man came to the door just now to invite me to a revival. When I declined on the grounds that as a minister I'd be unavailable he wanted to know when I was saved, when I received the blood of Jesus into my life. I was rude, closed the door in his face.
This prayer tells me I should have listened. Thank you.

Catherine + said...

At Trinity Ashland, there is a place in the Garden there where I can hear His voice, the sound of many waters, a large bubbling boulder crashing into river stones below...I go there to hear Him when the world is otherwise too noisy.

Songbird said...

Thank you, God, for a meaningful day at leadership training, for the lay leaders who traveled 3.5 hours round trip to participate, for the connections we all found between the presentation and the work we are already doing as well as the new ideas that will help us as we go forward. Thanks most of all for the spirit of openness that undergirds all the work we are undertaking in your name. I am grateful beyond these words for the rivers flowing in what had been described to me as a desert.

Mary Beth said...

I thank you, Lord, for the beauty of your glory in my times of trouble.

Lorna said...

I say AMEN to what Mary Beth praised God for.

Today was THE meeting I'd been dreadign for ages - it was painful - I am no longer a lay preacher or a candidate for ordination (because I'm not considered mature enough) but God was glorified today because instead of following he instructions of the DS and sweeping this under the carpet (ostensibly to protect my reputation and integrity) we managed to have an open and healthy discussion about this.

The decision still stands (and actually the local church did not have the right to overthrow it) but I honestly believe that now we can start to heal and together to build this church again.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers. And yes I'll be blogging about this ... over time and sensitively.

But today I praise God - and I feel I've got some sense of closure at long long last.

I've also learnt how to set my boundaries and say No. Now I need to learn to recognise where others set their boundaries - because people (esp in Finland) aren't always so good at indicating (even non-verbally) where their boundaries are, or when you get too close.

This is a long comment but I do thank each of you for carryingme your sister - and when there's many of you - I guess I'm not that heavy after all :)

Blessings and heaps of Love to you - my blog family inChrist.