Monday, March 5, 2007

Peaceful Monday

Peace is flowing like a river

Flowing out through you and me,

Flowing out into the desert,

Setting all the captives free.


Lorna said...

I was thinking of the River of God today - sparked off by something in Isaiah as part of into the Bible ... When you pass through the waters I will be with you .. for I am the Lord.

I know it's taken out of context (shame on me) but I was strangely encouraged by it - and then found your prayer here MB - thank you. It was the confirmation I needed - that as I've prayed I could hear God and find His peace -that it comes from time with Him in the river.

blessings to all

rev maria said...

Saturday afternoon the husband of a friend had a massive coronary while they were together in their kitchen and was DOA at the hospital.

The husband, while having many fine qualities, was also less than helpful in allowing her the freedom to be all she could. He refused to take his doctor's diganosis of Parkinson's seriously, but didn't want her go anywhere without him in case he needed something, hung on her 80 pound frame rather than using a walker, refused to believe she needed medication for her early stage alzheimers . . .

Now that he has died, suddenly he has become a candidate for sainthood, and she is beating herself up severely for ever having criticized him.

My prayer is that her time of grieving, surrounded by family, might help her to remember him as he truly was, warts and all, so that she may be freed from the guilt she is now feeling. Preferably before I am driven to smack her upside the head! Luckily, I am not her pastor, "only" her friend.

Lorna said...

praying for your friend Rev M. and you :)

Lorna said...

I would ask your prayers right now - that I would continue to hear God and be empowered to obey Him.

There is a lot of oppression right now and it's hard to 'tune in' I met a friend for prayer - and it was good - but still there's some indecisiveness hanging around me. I want to do God's will - whatever it may be - and am afraid that what I am hearing is clouded by my impure and wounded heart.

Please pray for discernment and wisdom and that I'd only fight the battle(s) that God wants!

see-through faith said...

Thanks for prayers. I'm doing a bit better today ...