Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Prayer

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Loving God, we thank you for the blessing of this day and the gift of being here together. We thank you for this faith community and for others like it all around the globe... For church families that pull together in times of need and celebrate in times of great joy.

We thank you for bread broken together and the mission we share in the name of Jesus, who called us to live the gospel we proclaim. We thank you for the particular gifts and skills that each person brings to our community and for their willingness to share those gifts.

We pray for the needs and concerns of all those we have named aloud in this place, and for those we have not named, and for those known only to you. Bring healing where it is needed, God, and may all know the power and comfort of your presence.

Help us God to find the balance we seek in this life, between caring for others and caring for ourselves, between being a blessing and being blessed, between being and doing. Keep us focused on the source of our healing and the strength of our being – Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray saying...


Teri said...

I think my brother is in need of prayer. Since mom died (oct. 2005) he has been depressed, or at least extremely unhappy and basically unable to do much. He has a job now (at McDonalds--eew) but I hear from him only rarely. His latest blog post is about whether this world of pain is all a dream and how there's only one way to wake up and he is waiting for the day he will wake up. I'm not excited about this but don't know much about what I can do (he lives 1,000 miles away from me, and from Dad).

so...prayers for my brother.


Sue said...

I'll be praying for your brother teri, and for your family as you support him.

I would ask for prayers for a young woman (in her early teens) who is presently an inpatient at a treatment centre for teens with depression. Her grandfather is a member of our congregation, and the whole family is naturally concerned for her.


Songbird said...

Praying for both of them.

Jane Ellen said...

Prayers in progress this evening, for you both.

On an unrelated note... can anyone tell me if it's possible to pick up this blog with an RSS reader-- and if so, can you tell me how? My reader can't seem to send through my password.

Songbird said...

Jane Ellen, because of the invitation feature, it's not possible to pick the blog up on a feed reader. It's basically invisible, unless you know how to get here.

Alex said...

Really Songbird? I've got Prayer Pals on my bloglines. How'd I do that? I am so technologically challenged...

Songbird said...

Alex, are you seeing it as updated? I'm surprised. It doesn't record a feed for Sage. Well, I'm glad you're finding it. But count on a new post each day.

Alex said...

Yeah, it is showing as updated. Maybe Bloglines just likes me??? :)

Free Flying Spirit said...

Depression is an awkwardness of spiritual confusion.

Sorting out things that are painful lead to lonely times. I pray for your brother, Teri, and for the young woman, Sue. Both need love and prayers.

Sadly distances can be hard on people at both ends. There are reasons for depression and steady presence is needed.

Teri, is there someone where your brother is who can be that person? Is he connected with a church, or have friends you might connect with?

Perhaps cards from you and your dad sent regularly would keep him connected and he'll know someone 'out there' has him in their hearts and minds.

I've been there too ....many years ago and it is hard.

May God's spirit of love cradle all who experience depression and wend its way through the sadness to free all imprisoned souls for learning to fly again involves trusting not only those who help, but also trusting yourself.

May it be so!