Friday, February 2, 2007

Prayer For Heavy Hearts

Psalm 42

God of grace and comfort:

As we go about our days today, many of us carry heavy hearts. We may be anxious over the health and wellbeing of family members or friends. We may also carry with us the burdens of those who have unburdened themselves to us: private confessions; situations told to us in confidence; personal tragedies and frustrations and failings; the litanies of brokenness and heartache we lift up each week in our prayers for our faith community and for the whole world.

Sometimes it is so hard to hold all these things in our hearts, o God. Sometimes the broken hearts that need binding are our own, as we struggle to love, as we struggle to serve.

We pray, dear God, that you walk with us, as we seek to walk with you, on the path of compassion and service. Comfort us; refresh us; renew us; work in us and through us.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, the One who goes before and shows us the way. Amen.


Songbird said...

Thank you for the beautiful prayer, and the gorgeous image. Amen.

revabi said...

Thank you also, I needed this prayer, my people need this prayer.